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Welcome to IndulgDance Fitness!

Dance Fitness Classes in Leamington Spa, Warwick & Online

My name is Niki and I’m a fully qualified group fitness instructor with a professional rhythmic gymnastics and dance background.  I'm a registered member of CIMSPA - The Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity, and EREPS - European Register of Exercise Professionals. 
​I teach licenced group exercise programmes such as  VeraFlow (with yoga elements),  PoundFitSteps and I offer many more licence free programmes like Dance aerobics, HIIT, Stretching, etc.  Also, I have created my own dance-fitness brands called  MovYaBallet Buzz and Kick & Punch.  You can choose from face-to-face, livestream as well as on-demand classes.
Also, there are small number Trigger Point Pilates sessions available to join in our own studio.

​I had an early career in Rhythmic Gymnastics and was a multiple National Champion and a member of the Hungarian National Team. Starting professional sport at such a young age meant spending my childhood "working". Competing was the only thing I knew and was my entire life. I loved training and I loved my life with sport being my first priority. I am proud of the results I have achieved and have travelled a lot competing internationally. I would not change any of it, but there was a downside to it all... 

Dance and fitness is so much more than being active!

Find out more about each class and see which one will help you achieve a personal goal. Whether you want to live more healthily, tone your body, increase your stamina, get back into shape, lose weight, release stress, improve your balance, learn something new or simply just want an hour for yourself and have fun - I'm here to support you and be your guide on your journey. Come and join us to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals and stay motivated. You will meet ladies of all different ages, backgrounds, and ability levels.​ Choose from a great variety of Face-to-Face, Live Stream and on-demand sessions.



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