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My Mission

My story started when I was a little child... I had an early career in Rhythmic Gymnastics and was multiple National Champion and a member of the Hungarian National Team. Starting professional sport at such a young age meant spending my childhood "working". Competing was the only thing I knew and was my entire life. I loved training and I loved my life with sport being my first priority. I am proud of the results I have achieved and have travelled a lot competing internationally. I would not change any of it, but there was a downside to it all. 

" I would not change any of it, but there was a downside to it all "

" I was unsuccessful at every attempt...

Until I realised why... "

I didn't look the way I was expected to in the world of professional competition. I grew faster than the others and was always told I was "bigger" than the others. This meant an ongoing diet from the very early age of 13 which resulted in serious self doubt and lack of self confidence. When I decided to leave professional sport I quickly gained 4 stones which was pretty much half of my weight at the time. 

Having a personal goal - losing weight - was not enough for me. I had to enjoy the journey, had to accept who I was, the way I looked, and realise that the most important thing is to love yourself and enjoy every minute of your one and only life even at times when things don't turn out the way you expect. So, years after I finished professional sport, I decided to attend dance aerobic classes which has led me down a path which I can't and don't want to turn back from. I qualified as a Fitness Instructor in 2004 and started teaching a variety of group fitness classes including Step Aerobics, Body Shaping,  and Stretching as well as Ballet and Gymnastics for children. At this time I was lucky enough to meet and work with some phenomenal dancers who taught me many dance styles that still inspire me every time I create a new choreography. ​

I developed eating disorders and my self-esteem suffered deeply. I tried so many things to somehow start a new life - a new and healthy life -  and tried to lose that extra weight. I was unsuccessful at every attempt. ​​Everything seemed hopeless, no strategy, diet or training helped me get rid of the extra weight for long-long years. Until I realised why...

" yourself and enjoy every minute of your one and only life..."

Today, my goal is to teach classes that are both enjoyable and also leave my students with a feeling that they have got what they came for - whether it's towards a challenging personal goal or just to have some fun. Seeing others have a great time in my classes makes me very happy and proud that I can be part of their journey. Seeing them succeed at what they challenged themselves with reminds me that I have the best job in the world every day.


Become an Indulger - Whether you want to live more healthily, tone your body, increase your stamina, get back into shape, lose weight, release stress, improve your balance, learn something new or simply just want an hour for yourself and have fun - I'm here to support you and be your guide on your journey. Come and join us to be surrounded by dedicated, like-minded individuals and stay motivated. You will meet ladies of all different ages, backgrounds, and ability levels.​

​Looking forward to meeting you,​



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