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LPC Therapies is a wellness studio based in Coventry dedicated to helping you find mental and physically wellness. Lily offers: sports massage therapy and injury rehabilitation. Indian head massage. Yoga tuition. Nidra Healing- a unique service originally designed by Lily combining yoga Nidra. REBT Therapy. This service has been known across the country for its fantastic results on improving your mental health. “Like most, battling through my own traumas initiated my why for creation of this service. It gave me the power and strength to share the knowledge I had learnt when I was forced to find, heal, and love myself again” - Lily Gauri

Lily is offering 20% off to Indulgers on their first appointment. 

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Harriet's healthy living  

Harriet is certified health coach with a background in Nutritional Therapy. She is passionate about helping to make healthy food choices, but she is also passionate about a holistic approach to health as she believes real health is about so much more than just food.

As a health coach she can guide you to create sustainable healthy habits that are meaningful to you and provide support and accountability that is so key to success. She will empower you to take back control of your health for good.

She is also passionate about bringing people together, and collaborating with other health and well-being professionals. She runs group health coaching courses and a regular healthy Supper club. She also serves up healthy food at various well-being events and retreats, and shares healthy inspiration through her blog. 

Harriet is offering a free one to one session to Indulgers on their first appointment.

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“Niki's classes are great fun. You can't help but push your self and enjoy it with Niki's enthusiasm and big smile. I have tried Pound, Veraflow and MovYa and keen to try the rest too. Keep up the good work!“


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