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Dance & HIIT & Toning



  • Face to face classes

  • On Demand

Dance yourself into your best shape ever with MovYa®! Designed to work all the major muscle groups, MovYa® makes you work hard while having the best time in sessions. Strengthen and tone your body, and build stamina. Whatever age or ability are welcome, no dance experience is required.

This dance & workout is exclusive to IndulgDance Fitness, you won't find it anywhere else. 

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What is a MovYa exercise class?

Do you like Zumba? If so, you will love MovYa! Not only is it a super fun class, but incredibly effective too! This class is more than a cardio dance session. It combines cardio, HIIT and body strengthening.

Is MovYa good for losing weight?

In a 45-minute long session, you can burn 300-700Kcal depending on the intensity of your workout. You will exercise in your aerobic zone during dance tracks and you will enter your anaerobic zone during stamina tracks.

What you'll need in classes:

  • a workout mat

  • comfortable sportswear and trainers

  • water to drink

How much does a MovYa class cost?

The monthly subscription is £19  - which includes one MovYa live session per week.

You can book your first trial class for £ 6.

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