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Searching for Zumba dance classes?

Zumba classes are currently not on the timetable, but Movya classes are!

Do you love dancing? Are you looking for a mind-blowing dance class? Join our MovYa class and experience a new concept that's designed to work all the major muscle groups. In 45 minutes you'll dance, work out, strengthen your muscles and build your stamina. Find out more:


Dance & Workout


  • Face- to face classes

  • On Demand


Dance yourself into your best shape ever with MovYa®! Designed to work your major muscle groups, MovYa® makes you work hard while having the best In Sessions. Strengthen and tone your body, and build stamina. All ages or abilities are welcome, and no dance experience is required.

This dance & workout is exclusive to IndulgDance Fitness, you won't find it anywhere else. 

MovYa experience

MovYa experience

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So if you are looking for Zumba classes in Leamington Spa, why not try MovYa instead?
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